graphic designing classes in pune
graphic designing classes in pune

Graphic Design

About this course:

Creative Concept is keen and confident to offer a variety of Graphic design courses in Pune that are clumped with an exceptional scoop of technology to orient as well as enhance the creative quotient of artistic minds. Each course consists of a duration of 3-4 months in which the students get to learn and polish the creative skills along with acquainting and practicing the numerous graphic designing tools. On completion, the students receive a valid and valuable course certificate along with brilliant knowledge, hands on experience and boosted morale to have their emphatic impression in the digital space.

The digital age caters to a profound need of adequate graphic design. This is due to evolving needs of the internet population that demands experiences filled with adequate usability as well as visual satisfaction. Each and every component of the design is expected to be balanced and at the same time enhanced enough for effective communication of ideas on a digital platform. It is vital for the graphic designers to realise that they aren't just delivering the designs but are also responsible for the presentation of the brand to the digital world. Beating the enormous competition, they are expected to effectively and pleasantly communicate the brand message to the target audience which stands n number of times better than other businesses. Though a career in graphic designing brings in tremendous professional boons, it subsequently requires a strong foundation, constant efforts, learning and sound experience. For this, it is important to consider enrolling in the best graphic design courses in Pune.

We, at Creative Concept, are aware and updated about this and the various trends in the market. Hence we avail the highly fruitful Graphic design classes in Pune to enable the students to comprehend various principles of design accompanied by the latest technical tools employed in graphics. Moreover, we are inclined to offer the best Graphic design training in Pune, to educate, nurture and deliver promising graphic design professionals to the digital world.

best graphic course in pune

Certainly, we are one of the ever-emerging Graphic design institutes in Pune that constantly endeavors to provide one of the best designing nucleus to the students. The graphic design course offered by us comprises of solid proficiency at Vector-based software such as CorelDraw and Adobe software such as Illustrator and Indesign. We also aid students to gain robust clarity and become dominantly skilled at typography, layout, images and color theory to independently and constructively craft a particular design right from the scratch. Moreover the core graphic design principles such as contrast, rhythm, visual hierarchy, proportion, proximity and so on are not just explained but differentiated well to help the learner absorb the importance and application of each. Besides, we are a wise graphic design training institute in Pune that completely understands the need of hands-on experience along with theoretical knowledge. When it comes to creating a visual design, it is important to refer to examples, i.e. case studies. And hence, we encourage the students to compile the acquired graphic design wisdom with an innovative approach in order to put forth the finest work which is enticing enough to keep the audience engaged.

The graphic design course in Pune offered by Creative Concept assures training on regular assignments to the students which are inclusive of practice on live projects as well. Moreover, we believe in empowering our students with technology driven creative skills to craft numerous marketing materials such as brochures, social media posts, websites, stationary, logos, magazine designs, banners, photo manipulations, designs for sign boards, hoardings and so on. Consequently, we lend a professional arm to aspiring designers to forge on accumulating tons of exceptional designs coupled with relevant experience that undoubtedly reflects in their shining portfolios.

Building an incredibly progressive career in graphic designing is something which might not feasible for all provided they choose to learn from the best. Why waste years being stuck and wondering in the worldly jigsaw when you can simply enrol in our quick, super flexible and high yielding graphic design course and make a sorted livelihood for yourself.

The mere intent of Creative Concept is to equip the learners or the budding graphic designers with wholesome conceptual, formal and technological tools to commence visual communication combining the ideas with relevant motions, images, fonts, colors and other elements.

What you'll learn?


Design Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CorelDraw



  • Internal Branding
  • External Branding
  • Digital Media Branding
  • Print Media Branding


Working on Portfolio

  • Logo Design
  • Visiting card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Theme Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Creative Banners
  • Magazine Design



  • Digital Publishing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Website Design
  • Web Banners
  • GIF Images
  • Hoarding Design
  • Standee Design
  • Kiosk Design
  • Sign Boards
  • Bus shelter ad Design
  • Social Media Creatives

Career Paths after this Course:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Magazine Designer
  • Art Director
  • Packaging Designer
  • Newspaper Designer
  • Industrial/ Product Designer
  • Digital Storyboard Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Freelancer

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