UI UX institute in pune
UI UX institute in pune

UX-UI Design

About this course:

Creative Concept offers one of the best UI UX courses in Pune that covers a wide scope of UI UX design. We cater to numerous endeavors throughout the course to establish the relation and dependency of UI on UX and vice versa, making each design principle easier to absorb and put to practice when required. The course duration is of about 3-4 months during which we take students from their raw conceptions to the advanced stage of UI UX strategies, perspective, and a variety of designing methods. Moreover, the course bestows aspiring designers with a certificate that allows them to bag the most decent job role in the digital world.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are the 2 important elements of web applications, websites, and other digital entities. The tech circle uses these terms very frequently and interchangeably, however, there are marked differences between them. UI refers to the elements on the screen such as buttons, icons, toggles, and other visual components responsible for bringing interaction of the user with the particular product or service. Whereas, UX is simply the entire interaction that essentially focuses on how the users feel while visiting and engaging with a particular product, service, or web source. It is the responsibility of the UI UX designer to load the given digital entity or a web source with unique yet meaningful and helpful content that is organized enough to deliver the brand message in the most logical and intuitive way. Moreover, a bright and optimistic UI UX designer is expected to deliver work which is easy to navigate and at the same time visually appealing to attract more audience towards the client's business.

With years of proficiency, dedication, and progress, Creative Concept stands as one of the most efficient UI UX institutes in Pune that believes in constructing the student's mindset with the importance of iterative designs in crafting usable software. Evaluation of the user interface and identifying the level of functionality, accessibility, and contentment offered to the user while interacting with a particular web entity is vital for the UI UX designer. This is because such analysis can potentially help in knowing the fabs and flaws of the design which eventually opens the door for improvising. Taking into account this very notion, we at Creative Concept deliver UI UX classes in Pune that are replenished with immense learning coupled with practice and adequate research. There are highly valuable UI UX courses in Pune that we avail to aspiring designers, inclusive of the crucial concerns of this profession such as prototyping, and designing along with techniques of evaluating user interface.

best ui ux design course in pune

Color theory, typography, design patterns, animations, and so on are some of the elements that are required to be defined well in a design to bring about the most innovative and engaging UI. Besides this, product strategy, user research, information architecture, testing, and iteration are the essential UX segments that demand attention for a satisfactory user experience. For perceiving excellence in this field, it is extremely important to gain prominent knowledge and hands-on experience in each element mentioned in the skill set of UI UX designing. Our team of experts at Creative Concept is qualified, focused, and experienced in providing decent UI UX training in Pune. We encourage each of our students to embark on producing more and more wireframes and prototypes until they reach the desired final outlook of the product or service. Polishing the aptitude of the learners, we enable them to effectively conduct user research in order to identify the needs, pain points, and behavior so as to bring about appropriate interaction with the product. Moreover, the essence and significance of collaboration, teamwork, and good communication are also put forward during the course to help budding designers gain competent recognition in the UI UX sphere.

Though a certificate course does not impact an individual UI UX designing capabilities as practical command is the only option that can add proficiency to this tech-advanced artistic career. However, if the certificate is earned from a renowned and reliable UX UX institute in Pune then roaring career opportunities are more likely to strike. Creative Concept is one such institute where one can perceive a valuable certificate with the priceless knowledge and experience to unlock the myriad of flourishing career prospects.

What you'll learn?


Introduction to the course, What is User Experience and User Interface, Difference between UX & UI, Examples of great UX & UI.


INTRODUCTION TO UX: Introduction to UX, Understanding Human Computer Interaction, GOMS, Model Human Processor, Introduction to Task Analysis. Hierarchical Task Analysis, Cognitive Task Analysis, Introduction to Interaction Design (IxD), Usability, Usability as a Measurement, Usability as Design Approach.

HUMAN FACTORS: Human Factors, Ergonomics, Human Factor - Case Study, Ergonomics for UX designers.

UX LAWS: Fitt's Law, Hick's Law, Millers's Law: The magic number, Jakob's Law, The Von Restorff Effect, The Pareto Principle.

HUERISTIC EVALUATON: Introduction, Definition & concept, Severity Scale, 10 Laws of Hueristic Evaluation, Case study of Google Pay, Case study of NSE.

UX RESEARCH: Introduction, When to do research? - Conceptualising, Design, Refining, Generative of Formative research, Evaluative research, Introduction to Data types, Quantitative Data, Qualitative Data, Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative research.

UX RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Introduction - Observation, Understanding, Analysis, Questionnaires and Surveys, Introduction to Interviews, Types of Interviews, Usability Tests, Types of Usability Tests, Tree Tests, A/B Testing.

INTRODUCTION TO USER RESEARCH TOOLS: Ethnic, Optimal Workshop, Survey Monkey, UsabilityHub, UserTesting.com, UserZoom, Hotjar, Morae.

DESIGN PROCESS: Introduction to Design Thinking, What is Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test, Deliverables included in Design Thinking, Introduction to 6D Process, Deliverables included in 6D process.


INTRODUCTION TO UI: User Interface, User interaction.

SOFTWARE: Adobe XD/InVision.

BUILDING BLOCKS OF VISUAL DESIGN: Elements of Design, Principles of Design.

TYPOGRAPHY: Difference between Font & Typeface, Font Types, Leading, Kerning, Letter Spacing, Legibility & Readibility, Typography Rules.

COLOR THEORY: Color Wheel, Color Properties, The Art of combining colors, Color Schemes, How to get color inspirations.

LOGO DESIGN: Points to consider while logo design.

ICONOGRAPHY: Icon Formats, How to create icons, Do's and Don'ts.

MOODBOARD: Introduction, Moodboard benefits, Keywords, Style, Color scheme, Typography, Inspirations, Design Patterns, Moodboard Examples- Google Trip app redesign.

DESIGN FOR MOBILE: Responsive Design, Native app design, Hybrid app design, Things to consider, Screen Resolutions, Screen Vs Image Resolutions, Styleguide, How to share assets with developers.

GRID SYSTEM: Introduction, History, Types of Grid, What is 960 grid system.

STARTING WITH DESIGN: Margin, Spacing, Achieving consistency in Margin & Spacing, Font & Color Hierarchy, How to build aesthetic layouts.

ANDROID & IOS GUIDELINES: iOS App structure, Android App structure, Difference between Android and iOS app design.

LATEST DESIGN TRENDS: Minimalism, Flat color schemes, Gradients coming back, Material Design, Card Based Designs.


How to create compelling UX/UI portfolio and resume, Get feedback from mentors, Interview Sessions.


Google Sprint - EnJoin Case study, User Centric Vs Product Centric Design, Team Bonding Activities and Simple every day life related assignments to understand UX easily.

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